Customer Programs

Case Studies

Fairmont Supply Cools Costs for Major U.S. Steel Company

  • Problem: Machine coolant needed to be changed constantly because of odor, health issues and bacteria build-up
  • Solution: Trouble-shoot cause of problem, and recommend/source a new type of coolant
  • Result: The switch to a new product eliminated the coolant problem and produced significant cost savings in labor and product usage
  • Documentation: Annualized cost savings of 40% on man hours and product expenditure

Fairmont Supply Wipes Out Cost for Large U.S. Automotive Company

  • Problem: Excessive cost per case for paper towels
  • Solutions: Research, recommend, and source an equal quality, lower cost product
  • Result: Fairmont Supply sales representative identified and procured a suitable paper towel replacement
  • Documentation: Cost-efficient alternative saves the automotive company 35%

Fairmont Supply Turns U.S. Glass Giant from Spending to Vending

  • Problem: Unrestricted employee access to consumables, mainly safety products, sent costs escalating
  • Solutions: Recommend a process improvement that would reduce usage and cost, yet still allow employees 24/7 access
  • Result: Fairmont Supply procured vending machines that dispense product when employee swipes ID badge and records product usage by each employee
  • Documentation: Vending machines delivered a 40% cost savings for the glass company, while providing employees full access to needed supplies

Fairmont Supply Cuts Out Cost for a Leading U.S. Manufacturer

  • Problem: Major industrial company was looking to purchase a new vertical band saw machine and asked Fairmont Supply to quote a new tool
  • Solution: Before selling the new machine, Fairmont sent several manufacturers' technicians to evaluate the existing unit free of charge
  • Result: Technicians determined that a new machine was not needed because a repair and a few adjustments would make the current saw more efficient
  • Documentation: Not purchasing new equipment and the free evaluation amounted to significant savings


  • Problem: An OEM advised the customer that a speed reducer removed from service for a routine six month inspection would require replacement gearing
  • Solution: Fairmont Supply investigated the problem, taking and analyzing various oil samples to determine why the damaged gears exhibited signs of "smearing" not common for this service life
  • Result: Premature gear wear required replacement gearing because the OEM had not completely drained low viscosity "run in" oil from new speed reducers and the oil in the bulk tanks was too low of a viscosity
  • Documentation: The combined low viscosity oil, below the OEM's recommendation, resulted in significant savings