Customer Programs

Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor managed inventory is a planning and management system that is not directly tied to inventory ownership. Piping and Equipment assumes responsibility for replenishment rather than our customer having to monitor inventory for the purpose of triggering replenishment orders. We monitor product sales and decide when to initiate the re-supply procedure. This procedure improves customer service through receipt of timely information.

A true partnership is formed between our customer and Piping and Equipment.
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Flexible Inventory Replenishment Program

Piping and Equipment can tailor an inventory replenishment program to fit your precise replenishment needs.  Piping and Equipment will monitor and replenish your inventory items while you keep control.

Reduction in Vendor Base

With over 1,000 quality suppliers and 250,000+ SKUs, Piping and Equipment can reduce your supplier base, and decrease the number of backorders all at a high level of service.

Bar Coding System

Our bar coding system enables our customer to shrink inventories by eliminating redundant and obsolete products. In addition to freeing up storeroom space, bar coding gives the customer access to real-time inventory counts so they are never surprised by lower product quantities again.  Administrative costs are reduced by the elimination of the need for order entry.  Bar coding labels are furnished with the customer's own part number and the Piping and Equipment part number.

Purchase Order Reduction

By utilizing our bar coding system, administrative costs related to processing paperwork and requisitions is reduced.  Receiving costs are reduced due to performing fewer receiving functions.   Disbursement costs are condensed - fewer invoices.